Archived consents and UI widgets

When you archive a consent in the ReachFive Console or using the updateConsent API operation in the Management API, it essentially deactivates the consent, meaning that users cannot accept a consent that is archived.

When you archive consents, be aware that this may cause issues with certain UI widgets:


Be sure that any consent you may define in the signupFields property is not archived. If the consent is archived, this causes the widget to not display as well as throwing an error like so:

archived consent <name> cannot be displayed


Any consent used in the fields property that is archived won’t be checkable on the showProfileEditor widget. This means the user cannot interact with the archived consent (unless they had previously accepted the consent), potentially lessening the overall user experience. If the now archived consent was in fact previously accepted, the user is able to uncheck (refuse) the consent.

Archived consent with no user history/previously rejected
  • Consent to receiving monthly newsletter.

Previously accepted consent
  • Consent to receiving monthly newsletter.

If a user accepted the consent while it was active, they are able to refuse the archived consent. Users can never accept archived consents.