Google Connect

To use Google as a social login provider, you will need a Client ID and Client Secret from your Google app, then copy these keys into your ReachFive Console settings.

This page explains how to create a Google App and connect it to your ReachFive account.

Want to create the best Google auth experience?

To optimize your user authentication experience, leverage the power of both the typical Google Auth provider flow with Google One Tap which allows user to authenticate from any page within your site.

Default values for Google

The default values available to ReachFive from Google are:

  • id

  • name

  • givenName

  • middleName

  • familyName

  • nickname

  • imageUrl (profile image)

  • email

  • gender

  • birthday

  • phoneNumber

Create a Google application

You must have a Google Developer account to complete these instructions.

Here, we’ll first create the application project and then we’ll create some credentials for the Google People API.

  1. Go to your Google Cloud Platform and log in.

  2. Create a new project.

    new gcp project

  3. Enable the Google People API by going to the APIs Overview section.

    enable apis gcp

    If you only want to implement Google One Tap, you do not need to enable the Google People API.

Create consent screen

First, you’ll need to create a consent screen and then create your credentials.

  1. Go to APIs and services  OAuth consent screen.

  2. Fill out the consent screen which includes:

    1. App name

      If you would like to have your own app name displayed here instead of the redirect URI, you’ll need to have a custom domain for your ReachFive account.
    2. User support email.

    3. App logo.

    4. App domain.

    5. Authorised domains.

    6. Developer contact information.

    7. Don’t forget to Save your input.

      consent screen

Create credentials

Next, you’ll create the credentials.

  1. Click Create Credentials under APIs and services  Credentials.

  2. Choose OAuth client ID in the dropdown menu.

  3. Choose Web application as the application Type.

  4. In Authorized JavaScript origins, enter any URLs you want whitelisted.

    This is particularly important if you are planning on implementing Google One Tap.
  5. In Authorised redirect URIs, enter https://{REACHFIVE_DOMAIN}/login/callback`where `REACHFIVE_DOMAIN is your ReachFive domain.

  6. Click Create.

    create credentials gcp with whitelist

  7. Copy your new credentials.

    client id secret

Configure Google as Provider on ReachFive

  1. On the ReachFive Console, go to Settings  Providers, and select Google.

    google 12
  2. Paste your credentials and add all available permissions.

    google 13
  3. Click Save.

To implement your own button, follow the Google guidelines.

Do not use the red button, use the Google button as below.

google 14