Google Connect

To use Google as a social login provider, you will need an App ID and App Secret from your Google app, then copy these keys into your ReachFive settings.

This page explains how to create a Google App and connect it to your ReachFive account.

Default values for Google

The default public profile values for Google are:

  • id

  • name

  • givenName

  • FamilyName

  • imageUrl (profile image)

  • email

Create a Google application

  1. Go to, login with your account and create a new project.

    google 1
  2. Name your application: change the project name, agree with terms of service and create the app.

    google 2
  3. Click on Enable APIs and Services.

    google 3
  4. Search for Google People API and enable it.

    google 4
    google 5

Set up credentials

Create your credentials to be added on ReachFive.

  1. Click on Credentials on left menu bar.

  2. Click on Create credentials and choose OAuth client ID.

    google 6
  3. On first login, configure consent screen.

    google 7
    You have to add a Product name at least. To go live, all the fields have to be filled.
    google 8
  4. Enter the domain name.

    google 9
  5. Click Save.

  6. Choose Web application as Application Type.

    google 10
  7. In Authorised redirect URIs, enter https://{REACHFIVE_DOMAIN}/login/callback`where `REACHFIVE_DOMAIN is your ReachFive domain.

  8. Click Create.

  9. Copy your new credentials.

    google 11

Configure Google as Provider on ReachFive

  1. On the ReachFive Console, go to Settings  Providers, and select Google.

    google 12
  2. Paste your credentials and add all available permissions.

    google 13
  3. Click Save.

To implement your own button, follow the Google guidelines.
Do not use the red button, use the Google button as below.
google 14


That’s all for creating a basic Google application.