ReachFive Console

The ReachFive Console is your administrative UI where you can:

Access your ReachFive Console

Your ReachFive domain is available from the ReachFive Console from the Settings menu.

You have access to the ReachFive Console with several available environments including:

Get your domain from the ReachFive Console
get domain

Browser compatibility

The ReachFive Console is compatible with the latest versions of:

Internet Explorer is no longer supported as of the 17 August, 2021. It has been deprecated by Microsoft.

Custom domains

You can have a custom subdomain for your ReachFive Console. This is typically handled by your Professional Services (PS) contact here at ReachFive.

What do you need to do?

You will need to generate and manage your own certificates.

From ReachFive:

To do this, you’ll need the server URL from us. You can get this from your PS contact.

From you:

We will need the certificate(s) you generated and as well as the custom domain information itself in order to set up the custom subdomain for your ReachFive Console.

We recommend generating a certificate for each environment. For example, staging and production. In this case, you will need 2 certificates. Certificates can be common to several accounts.

Console user information

This section contains useful information related to console users and accessing the console.

Force social login

If you would like that users can only authenticate via Social Login, we can do that for you. You’ll need to reach out directly to your ReachFive representative and we’ll ensure to enforce that rule for you.

Otherwise, users are able to register with a username/password combination.

Console session duration

By default, console session duration is 4 hours.

This is not currently configurable.

duration flow 4h