Email address management

Once signed up, users are able to modify their email address.

Users can only have one email address that is used as their identifier.

Email addresses

During the email sign up workflow, the user must supply a valid and unique email address. Outside of LITE users, or accounts which use SMS as a primary identifier, emails are the primary unique identifier.

Changing email address (when logged in)

Users can modify the email address used as their primary user identifier through the update email flow as well as through the Update email address endpoint. If the email they input is valid, users are sent an email to go through the update email flow. The email contains a link and a code that guides the user back to a page where the ReachFive SDK is installed. The code contained in the link is automatically verified by the SDK.

Unverified emails

If the email being updated is unverified, the user’s email is updated immediately.

Verified emails

If the email being updated is verified, the user must click on the verification link sent in the email to finish the update email flow. Users won’t be able to use the new email for authentication until it is verified.

If the code is erroneous the page will contain an error that is explained by the following message: "invalid verification code".

As a security precaution, we recommend that your users log in again before accessing the update email flow.


When the user inputs their new email address, ReachFive checks that:

  • The input matches a valid email format. Example:

    If the format is invalid, the user receives an HTTP 400 "Valid email required" error response.
  • The email address does not already exist in the ReachFive account.

    If the email already exists, the user receives an HTTP 400 "Email already in use" error response.