Email addresses management

Once signed up, a user is able to modify his or her email address. Each user can only have one email address that can be used as a identifier.

Email addresses

During the email sign up workflow, the user must supply a valid and unique email address. Outside of LITE users, or accounts which use SMS as a primary identifier, emails are considered to be the main and unique identifier for each user.

Changing email address (when logged in)

It is possible for a user to modify the email address used as his or her primary user identifier through the updateEmail flow.

As a security precaution, we recommend always asking your user to log in again before permitting the user to access the update email flow.

When the user inputs his or her new email address, ReachFive checks that:

The format of the input corresponds to a valid email address. If this isn’t the case, an HTTP 400 error with the message "Valid email required" is returned The email address is unique within a ReachFive account. If this isn’t the case, an HTTP 400 response with "Email already in use" is returned Once the user has sent a valid input, an email is sent to the new address. This email can be customised in your account settings.

For more information, read Set and customise verification and password reset emails.

The email contains a link and a code that will guide the user back to a page where the ReachFive SDK must be installed. The code contained in the link will then be automatically verified by the SDK. If the code is erroneous the page will contain an error that will be explained by the following message: "invalid verification code".

A user’s email address will only be modified once this user confirms ownership of the new address by clicking the verification link.