accessToken: string,
  email: string,
  // Optional fields
  redirectUrl: string,

About this command

Update the profile’s email address and send a verification email.

  • The profile must have been granted the full_write scope at the last authentication.

  • It is required to configure and enable the Email update template in the account’s settings.


  accessToken: 'eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiL...',
  email: 'johnatthan.doe@gmail.com',
  redirectUrl: 'https://example-email-update.com'


accessToken string

The authorization credential JSON Web Token (JWT) used to access the ReachFive API, less than five minutes old.

email string

The email address of the profile. The new email address must be different from the old one.

redirectUrl string

The URL sent in the email to which the user is redirected. This URL must be whitelisted in the Allowed Callback URLs field of your ReachFive client settings.


Type: Promise[void]