redirectTo: string,
  removeCredentials: boolean,
  // optional arguments
  revocationParams: string[]

About this command

Kill the current user’s SSO session.

Use the Revoke refresh token endpoint to invalidate all active user tokens on a specific client_id.


  redirectTo: 'https://my-site.com/logout',
  revocationParams: ['eyJ..V1QiL']


Parameter Description

redirectTo string

The URL to which the user is redirected afterward. This URL must be whitelisted in the Allowed logout callback URLs field of your ReachFive Console SSO settings (Security  SSO). Whitelisted URLs can be used with all account identity clients.

revocationParams string

An array of strings that is used to pass any access or refresh tokens that should be invalidated after a logout.

This parameter can only be used with an OAuth2 public client.

removeCredentials boolean

Delete the user credentials with the Credentials Management API. See loginWithCredentials for more on logging in with credentials.

Defaults to false.

This feature is experimental, please check your browser compatibility.


Type: Promise[void]