client.getSignupData(signupToken: string)

About this command

Get lite user information by using the token received by mail after a signup invitation.


  .then(openIdUser => {
    // Display the signup data
  .catch(err => console.error(err))


signupToken string

The access token received in the signup invitation email. Only usable once.


Type: Promise<OpenIdUser>


sub string

The subject claim identifies the profile.

name string

The full name of the profile.

givenName string

The given name of the profile.

middleName string

The middle name of the profile.

familyName string

The family name of the profile.

nickname string

The nickname of the profile.

preferredUsername string

The shorthand name by which the user wishes to be referred to.

profile string

The URL of one of the user’s profile pages (usually a social provider’s page).

picture string

The URL of one of the user’s profile pictures. This URL refers to an image file (PNG, JPEG, or GIF image file).

website string

The URL of the user’s web page or blog.

email string

The primary email address of the profile.

emailVerified boolean

True if the user’s e-mail address has been verified; otherwise false.

gender string

The gender of the profile.

Allowed values are female, male and other.

birthdate string

The birthdate of the profile, represented as an ISO 8601 YYYY-MM-DD format.

zoneinfo string

The string from zoneinfo time zone database representing the user’s time zone.

locale string

The user’s language code in lowercase and country code in uppercase, separated by a dash.

phoneNumber string

The user’s preferred telephone number.

phoneNumberVerified boolean

true if the user’s phone number has been verified; otherwise false.

addresses ProfileAddress[]

The list of the profile’s postal addresses

customFields Map<string, any>

The custom fields of the profile.

updatedAt string

The time the profile’s information was last updated.