Kakao Connect

To use KakaoTalk as a social login provider, you will need an App ID and App Secret from your Kakao app. You’ll then need to copy these keys into your ReachFive settings.

This docs detail steps by steps how to create a Kakao App and connect it to your ReachFive account.

What profile information is collected by ReachFive?

We are able to retrieve the following information from the user’s KakaoTalk account into their ReachFive account:

  • KakaoTalk ID

  • KakaoTalk profile nickname

  • KakaoTalk username

  • KakaoTalk profile image

  • KakaoTalk account email

  • User’s Birthday (as listed on in KakaoTalk profile)

  • User’s gender (as listed on in KakaoTalk profile)

  • User’s phone number (as listed on in KakaoTalk profile)

  • Connecting Information, also known as CI, hosted as part of the provider_metadata object (includes verification and timestamp)

    See the provider_metadata object for more details.

Developer access

Go to https://developers.kakao.com and log in.

If you do not have a Kakao account with a registered email address, go to https://accounts.kakao.com/ and click "sign up".
kakao 1

Log-in with your account. Check the two boxes (Acceptance of service use policy and consent to the collection and use of personal information policy).

kakao 2

Fill the requested field with your email, your name, and company name.

kakao 3

Click on "register".

Create a new application

Upload an image for your app, give it a name and click on "Create an app".

kakao 4

Set data parameters

Click on "User management" in the left-hand menu.

kakao 5

Switch the button to "On" position.

kakao 6

It displays data you can request to collect when a user logs in. Set all the permissions to the second column "Choose at sign in". It means to permissions will be asked to your user, they can choose to give it or not. You have to explain why you need those permissions.

kakao 7

Click on "Save".

kakao 8

Configure your application

Go on the "Client Secret" menu.

kakao 9

Go on your App homepage by clicking on the name of your app in the left-handed menu.

kakao 10

Go on "Settings".

kakao 11

Click on "Add a platform".

kakao 12

Select Web Platform.

Add https://{REACHFIVE_DOMAIN}/login/callback as Callback URL, where REACHFIVE_DOMAIN is your ReachFive domain.

You can add your Production ReachFive domain and your staging ReachFive domain.

Then click on "Save".

kakao 13

Enter the following path in Redirect Path : login/callback and click on Save.

kakao 14

Configure KakaoTalk as provider on ReachFive

Go on your App homepage by clicking on the name of your app in the left-handed menu.

kakao 15

Click on "See the API keys" and paste the REST key.

kakao 16

Go to the ReachFive Console. Go to Settings > Providers.

Click on KakaoTalk.

Paste your REST API Key in Client ID.

kakao 17

Click on "Save".

On KakaoDevelopers, go to "Client Secret".

kakao 18

Paste your Client Secret.

Switch the button to "On" and click "Save" alongside.

kakao 19

Go to ReachFive Console. Go to Settings > Providers. Click on KakaoTalk/.

Paste your Client Secret in Client Secret/

kakao 20

Switch to "visible" and click "Save".