VKontakte Connect

To use VKontakte as a social login provider, you will need an App ID and App Secret from your VKontakte app. You’ll then copy these keys into your settings on the ReachFive Console.

This page details, step-by-step, how to create a VKontakte App and connect it to your ReachFive account.

Default values for VKontakte

The default values available to ReachFive from VKontakte are:

  • Email

  • Full name

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Gender

Access VKontakte

  1. Log in with you account and go to https://vk.com/dev.

  2. Click My Apps.

vkontakte create app

Create a new Application

  1. Click on Create an Application.

    vkontakte 2
  2. Add a Title, choose a Platform, add your Site address as well as your Base domain.

    vkontakte 3

Configure your application

On the following screen:

  1. Add https://{REACHFIVE_DOMAIN}/login/callback as the Return URL, where REACHFIVE_DOMAIN is your ReachFive domain.

    vkontakte 4

Configure VKontakte as Provider on ReachFive

  1. On the ReachFive Console, go to Settings  Providers. Click VKontakte.

    vkontakte 5
  2. Copy your credentials: App ID and Secure Key.

    vkontakte appid and secure key
  3. In the ReachFive Console, paste your VKontakte App ID as the Client ID and your Secure key as the Client secret. Add any required permissions.

    vkontakte 7
  4. Don’t forget to Save your input.