ReachFive SalesForce cartridge

SalesForce Cartridges are mechanisms used for packaging and deploying code and data, typically with the intent of integrating with a B2C commerce application. Cartridges often extend functionality and integrate with external systems.

Our own ReachFive cartridge comes with a variety of benefits that help you leverage our powerful CIAM directly within your SalesForce setup. One of the primary advantages is, of course, streamlining customer authentication and analytics from that data.

salesforce r5 cartridge overview


You might ask yourself "What are the benefits?" of integrating the ReachFive SalesForce cartridge with your setup. This section lists those benefits:

With ReachFive SalesForce Commerce Cloud only

User authentication options

Authentication via a variety of options.

  • Email and password

  • Phone number and password

  • Social provider login (no need to provide email)

  • Biometric authentication

Authentication via SFCC ID only

Session management

Persistent sessions retaining user session information for up to 365 days allowing for automatic renewal of an SFCC session (without needing to reauthenticate a user).

SFCC standard options.

Data management

By leveraging ReachFive, you’re able to better use customer profile data using our Analytics module.

In addition, you can:

  • More easily set and update preferences, like consents.

  • More easily update and reset password flows for users.

Standard SFCC data management.

Omnichannel and compliance

With the ReachFive cartridge, centralise your customer identity content allowing your users to have a true omnichannel experience. You can also more readily manage regulatory issues and remain compliant with user data.

Standard SFCC.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Ensure SSO is available for users across multiple sites.



With ReachFive, you’re able to use our built-in security features such as User Suspension, Multi-factor authentication, Risk-based authentication, and most immportantly, our Identity Fraud Protection module.

Standard SFCC security.

Cartridge modes

Currently, there are three primary modes or use-cases where you can leverage the ReachFive cartridge.

Full CIAM mode Recommended

When in Full CIAM mode, the entire user workflow is managed through ReachFive which gives you a more precise view into user interactions and allows you to leverage all the features of ReachFive.

Social login mode

When using the cartridge in Social login mode, users can:

  • Add social login accounts to their user profile

  • Remove social login accounts to their user profile

All social providers supported with ReachFive are available via the cartridge.

Transition mode

The Transition mode is most often used as part of a gradual migration from managing users solely within the SFCC to managing them with ReachFive in the Full CIAM mode.

In this mode:

Customer workflows are managed in the SFCC, but all information and content is synchronized with ReachFive. This includes all customer interactions such as registration, logging in, updating profiles, updating passwords, resetting, passwords, and so on and so forth. You can see more on specific user events on the User Events page.