Signup invitation

Your users interact with your brand on several contact points (physical, web, mobile). All of the information collected during their time on your site can be securely leveraged and used to accelerate the signup process without compromising user privacy.

How to implement the flow

Step 1: Create Lite accounts

Lite registration is pushing data for users without this user actually having an account. This allows for the following use cases, where the user provides their personal information without creating an account:

  • Subscribing to a mailing list.

  • Taking part in a prize competition.

  • Any other online situation where a user gives personal information without creating an account.

  • Registering in-store at a traditional brick-and-mortar location.

For more information about lite profiles, check out our LITE registration page.

Step 2: Send signup invitations to your Lite users

You can use this endpoint /api/v2/signup-invitations to send signup invitation emails and messages (SMS) to your Lite users.

The token in this API operation cannot be used as an access token, it is only exchanged once to get user’s data.

The content of the invitation email is fully customizable in the ReachFive Console by using the Signup Invitation template. Your users will receive an email or SMS containing a link or verification_code pointing to the configured redirect_url with a secure token.

For more on the templates, check out our Email templates and SMS templates.

Step 3: Get user data and prefill the signup form

Once your users click on the link, they are redirected to your signup form (the redirect_url used previously) and there, you are able to get their data by using one of the following endpoints:

This data allows you to prefill the form and simplify the signup process for your users. The created account will contain all the collected information that were already stored in the Lite profile.