France Connect

To use France Connect as a social login provider, you need a Client ID and Client Secret from your France Connect app. You’ll then need to copy those keys into your ReachFive settings.


  • You must have access to the ReachFive Console.

  • You must have a Developer, Manager, or Administrator role.

  • You must have a France Connect developer account.


France Connect
  1. Go to the France Connect site.

  2. Log in to your developer or account or create a new application.

  3. Copy your Client ID and Client secret.

  1. Log in to your ReachFive Console.

  2. Go to Settings  Providers and select France Connect.

  3. In the pop-up window:

    1. Paste your France Connect Client ID.

    2. Paste your France Connect Client secret.

    3. Choose the desired Permissions from the drop-down menu.

      social france connect console steps

  4. Don’t forget to Save your input.