Twitter Connect

To use Twitter as a social login provider, you need a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from your Twitter application. Simply copy these keys into the ReachFive Console.

Most important

The most important thing to connect ReachFive with your Twitter application is the callback URL needed when setting up the app.


Create Twitter app

To create a Twitter application, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Twitter Developer Portal.

  2. Log in with your account.

  3. Create a new project and app.

    twitter 1
  4. Name your application.

twitter name app
Your key, secret, and bearer token are given to you upon creating the app. Make sure you copy those.
twitter 4

Set up Twitter app

  1. Go to your Application’s settings.

  2. Under Authentication settings, click Edit.

    twitter 6
  3. Enable 3-legged OAuth.

  4. Enable Request email address from users.

    twitter 3leg oauth
  5. Complete the following:

    • Callback URLs = https://<REACHFIVE_DOMAIN>/login/callback where <REACHFIVE_DOMAIN> is your ReachFive domain. This is found in the ReachFive Console.

    • Website URL = your website URL

    • Organization name = your organization name

    • Organization URL = your organization URL

    • Terms of service URL = your terms of service URL

    • Privacy policy URL = your privacy policy URL

    See Twitter’s dev docs for more details from the Twitter side of things.
twitter config app callback

Connect ReachFive to Twitter app

  1. From Twitter, go to the Keys and Tokens tab to get your API Key and API Secret.

    Your keys were given to you when you created your app. If you did not take note of them, you need to Regenerate your key and secret.
    twitter 8
  2. Within the ReachFive Console, go to Providers on the sidebar and choose Twitter as the provider.

    twitter 9
  3. Paste your Twitter key and secret.

    twitter paste r5 console
  4. Don’t forget to Save your input.

And…​..that’s all folks.