Twitter Connect

To use Twitter as a social login provider, you need a Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from your Twitter app, and then copy these keys in the ReachFive console.

1. Create a Twitter application

  1. Go to

    twitter 1
  2. Login with your account.

    twitter 2
  3. Click Create New App.

    twitter 3
  4. Name your application.

  5. Provide a unique name, description, and a website URL.

    twitter 4
  6. Set https://{REACHFIVE_DOMAIN}/slo/twitter/callback as the callback URL, where REACHFIVE_DOMAIN is your ReachFive domain.

  7. Click Create your Twitter application.

2. Configure your Twitter app

  1. Go to Settings  Menu.

    twitter 5
  2. Add your Privacy Policy URL and Terms of Service URL and check Enable Callback Locking.

    twitter 6
  3. Click Save settings.

  4. Select the Permissions tab.

    On the ReachFive side, you only need read-only access.
  5. Select Request email adresses from users to add the email permission.

    twitter 7

3. Configure Twitter as Provider on ReachFive

  1. On Twitter, go to Keys and Access Tokens tab to get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

    twitter 8
  2. Within the ReachFive console, choose Twitter as an available provider.

    twitter 9
  3. Paste your Twitter credentials.

    twitter 10
  4. Click Save.


That’s it for your Twitter app.