Connect with Azure AD

Azure Active Directory is a commonly used identity platform. It is easy to integrate with Azure AD using ReachFive. To connect with Azure, you need to provide details from Azure to a ReachFive administrator. The instructions below details this process.

r5 azure

Connect to ReachFive with Azure AD via console

To connect with Azure AD via the ReachFive Console, follow the instructions here.


  • You must have access to the ReachFive Console.

  • You must have an Azure account.

  • You must use and understand Azure Active Directory.

In most instances, the ReachFive Console steps must be completed by a ReachFive team member. In this case, reach out to ReachFive Support.


From your Azure Portal
  1. Register ReachFive as an application1.

  2. In the Authentication > Platform Configurations section, create a Web platform.

  3. In the Web platform settings, add the required Redirect URLs2.

  4. Copy your Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret from Azure AD.

    Be sure to give this information to your ReachFive admin contact so they can complete the following steps.
  5. In the Authentication > Implicit grant and hybrid flows section, check the box for ID tokens (used for implicit and hybrid flows).

    • Access tokens (used for implicit flows)

    • ID tokens (used for implicit and hybrid flows)

  6. In the API permissions section, grant the User.Read permission to all stakeholders who need the permission.

ReachFive admin from ReachFive Console
  1. Create or edit a current organization.

    Go to from your ReachFive Console and select New Organization or select edit icon to edit an existing organization.

    If you are using the staging URL, be sure to add -staging after console in the URL as shown in the steps above.

  2. Add the ReachFive accounts that are associated with your organization.

  3. Choose the Default role for the associated accounts from the dropdown menu. This can be a user with no rights.

    If you choose the User with no rights, this prevents them from seeing any other data related to your ReachFive account.
  4. Under Azure Active Directory, add your Azure AD Tenant ID.

  5. Enter your Azure AD Client ID.

  6. Enter your Azure AD Client Secret.

    azure add tenant info

Test the connection

Once the ReachFive administrator has completed the tasks above, they will inform you that this is ready. You can then go to<organization-name>/azuread-login where you are redirected to your Microsoft login. If you are using the staging URL, be sure to add -staging after console in the URL as shown in the steps above.