To use QQ as a social login provider, you need a Client ID and Client Secret from your QQ app. You’ll then need to copy those keys into your ReachFive settings.

QQ 14 steps

The instructions on this page are for the ReachFive Console using QQ information.

For detailed steps on using QQ’s platform, see the official site.

What profile information is collected by ReachFive?

We are able to retrieve the following information from the user’s QQ account into their ReachFive account:

  • The QQ user ID

  • Username

  • Name

  • The profile nickname

  • Gender

  • Profile photo URL


  • You must have access to the ReachFive Console.

  • You must have a Developer, Manager, or Administrator role.


  1. Log in to your ReachFive Console.

  2. Go to Settings  Providers and select QQ.

    console select QQ

  3. In the pop-up window:

    1. Paste your QQ Client ID.

    2. Paste your QQ Client secret.

    3. Select the desired user permissions.

    4. Don’t forget to Save your input.

      social QQ console steps