ReachFive provides you with out-of-the-box analytics that give you deep customer insight, allowing you to see patterns and trends surrounding your customer base more easily. Our analytics compile your customer data and present them in clear, readable graphs.

Page highlights

This page provides you with:

Analytics overview

When you log in to your ReachFive Console, your home page displays My Dashboard which gives you an overview for your users and the subpages for analytics which include data like login totals, user age, authentication types, and more.

If you are still seeing the old analytics or no analytics at all, please contact your ReachFive contact to enable the new analytics module.
analytics home dashboard

What is displayed?

analytics home dashboard toprow

My Dashboard has a top row that captures high level user information such as:

Item Description

Total Users

This displays the total number of users for your deployment across all sites.

Active Users (30 days)

This displays the number of active users (those logging in, updating things, etc.) in the last 30 days.

This still displays 30 days no matter the selected timeframe.

It also provides you with the % change compared to the previous 30 days.

New Users

This display the number of new users based on the selected timeframe.


This displays the number of user logins based on the selected timeframe.

Change the timeframe

To change the range of dates (timeframe) for your data, go to the calendar picker and select your desired dates.


Analytics pages

Currently, we have 3 analytics subpages on the ReachFive Console:

analytics nav

Page Description

Who are your users?

Displays demographic information about your users such as age, gender, etc.

How do they authenticate?

Displays the different methods your users are using to authenticate over time.

What do your users consent to?

Displays a global view to exactly what your users are consenting to.

Who are your users?

To access this page, go to Analytics  Who are your users? on your ReachFive Console.

analytics page users

This page displays

Demographic information about your users such as:

  1. age

  2. gender

You can click on the graph directly to display the desired age range and/or gender.

How do they authenticate?

To access this page, go to Analytics  How do they authenticate? on your ReachFive Console.

analytics page authenticate

This page displays

How your users are authenticating.

For example, via password with credentials or email magic link.

You can filter by date and method using the tools on the analytics page.

analytics authenticate filter

To access this page, go to Analytics  What do your users consent to? on your ReachFive Console.

This page displays

What your users are consenting to.

This is based on the Consents that you have configured as part of your ReachFive integration.

Use analytics tools

Our analytics provide some handy tools when interacting with your customer data.

On each of the analytics subpage, you can toggle the slider at the right of the screen to share and comment on data.

toucan toco slider

Sharing data

One of the handy tools is the ability to annotate and share or simply export your data via csv or excel.

To do this:

  1. Go to the analytics page that you want to share.

  2. Click the slider to open the tools.

  3. Click Share.

    analytics tools share

Annotate & Share

  1. Click Annotate & Share.

  2. Annotate (draw directly) on the screenshot. This highlights important information.

  3. Add an email in the Send to field.

  4. Add a comment in the Comment field. (optional)

  5. Don’t forget to click Send Capture.

Voila! Your email recipient will have an annotated screenshot of your analytics page.

analytics tools annotate share

Export Data

  1. Click Export Data.

  2. Choose to export via CSV files or an Excel file.

    analytics tools export