Merging rules

Authenticated profiles, also known as managed profiles, are user profiles that have been verified via the user’s chosen identifier. An identifier can be either one of the following:

  • email

  • phone number

  • external ID

Lite profiles are user profiles that aren’t yet verified. These are typically a "light" touch approach for users interacting with your brand.

Lite and social profiles are automatically merged when an authenticated profile is created with the same identifier: email, phone_number or external_id in this order of priority.

The attributes (such as address or gender) for authenticated profiles are always prioritized. If an attribute is already present before the merge, it won’t be modified by the new information coming from the Lite profile.

Consents are automatically added to the profile even if the identifier is unverified. Other attributes are added to the profile after the verification of the identifier (email or phone_number).

merging profiles updated

Merge profiles with API

You can use our dedicated mergeUsers endpoint to unite a lite and managed profile. For more details on the endpoint, see Merge users.