User profiles in ReachFive

User profiles are unique sets of information for a user. For authentication purposes, the information differs depending on how the user first interacted with your brand. ReachFive manages user profiles in two different ways:

Lite profiles

lite profile visual

Lite profiles are users who have engaged with your brand through actions such as:

  • Purchasing items in-store.

  • Subscribing to newsletters or blogs.

  • Participating in prize competitions held by your brand.

The important thing to note here is that there is no verification of contact details or customer data for these individuals as they have not established a proper user account with your brand. This means your have limited access to their information on your brand’s site.

For more details, see Lite profiles.

Managed profiles

managed profile visual

Managed profiles on the other hand are users that have created an account with your brand. This means they signed up using their preferred Social Login or directly through a form on your site or app and have been properly authenticated. Their contact details are verifiable meaning you can leverage full profile values for their account.