Line Connect

To use Line as a social login provider, you will need an App ID and App Secret from your Line app, then copy these keys into your ReachFive settings.

This docs detail steps by steps how to create a Line App and connect it to your ReachFive account.

What profile information is collected by ReachFive?

We are able to retrieve the following information from the user’s Line account into their ReachFive account:

  • Line ID

  • Line name

  • Line profile image

  • Line account email

Developer access

Log in to the LINE Developers console with the email address and password of your LINE account :

line 1

Note: If you do not have a LINE account with a registered email address, download LINE, then go to Settings > Account to register your email address.

On first login, you have to register as a developer : enter your name and email address to create a developer account on the LINE Developers console.

line 2

Create a new provider

Click on "create a new provider"

line 3

Enter a name for the provider. The provider is the entity that offers your app, you can use the name of your company.

line 4

Click on "confirm"

Create a channel

Click on "Create Channel" under LINE Login

line 5

Enter the required information for your channel. "LINE" or a similar string cannot be included in the channel name.

line 6

Enter App Name and check "Use WEB" case.

Enter your contact email address.

line 7

Click on "confirm"

line 8

Configure your application

Click on your App

line 9

Go to "Channel settings"

line 10

Scroll down

You can request users who log in using LINE Login to grant your app the permission to get their email address. To do so, you first need to apply for the permission in the console.

Click "Submit" next to "Email" in the "OpenID Connect" section in the "Channel settings" page. Agree to the application terms and upload a screen shot of the screen that explains to the user why you need to obtain their email address and what you will use it for. Once your application is accepted, "Applied" is displayed under "Email".

Go to "App settings"

line 11

Add https://{REACHFIVE_DOMAIN}/login/callback as Callback URL, where REACHFIVE_DOMAIN is your ReachFive domain.

Configure LINE as provider on ReachFive

The following must be done within the ReachFive Console.

  1. Return to the ReachFive Console.

  2. Go to Settings  Providers.

  3. Click the Line application option.

  4. Add the Client ID, Client Secret, and associated Permissions.

    This is the Channel ID and Channel secret from your Line application.

    Have multiple brands using Line?

    If you have multiple brands or subsidiaries using Line, you can add them as variants within the ReachFive Console.

    add line variant
  5. Under Bot prompt, choose one of the following:

    • Empty

    • Normal

    • Aggressive

      What is this exactly? 🤔

      The Bot prompt asks the user if they want to add a LINE friend when logged in.

      • Empty means that the user is not prompted.

      • Normal prompts the user on the consent screen.

      • Aggressive prompts the user in a new window after the consent screen.

      For more details, check out LINE’s bot_prompt documentation.

  6. Don’t forget to Save your input.