25 January 2024 (v2.106)

ReachFive v2.106 introduces an entirely new object for handling custom fields for addresses. This release provides an update for KakaoTalk where you retrieve the age range for users. In addition, we are now able to map genders to the other value when retrieved from social providers. We have also enhanced our Identity Fraud Protection module and as always, we fixed some issues for you.

Release highlight

Address custom fields

There is now a dedicated object for custom fields within the Addresses object. This ensures that custom fields dedicated to addresses are managed uniquely from the custom fields elsewhere in the user profile model. This allows you to create fields such as latitude, longitude, or location codes. Any custom field created for the address object is filterable in the ReachFive Console and can be imported as part of the overall user profile model.

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  • Address object preview

2106 customFields addresses
  "addresses": [
      "id": 0,
      "default": true,
      "address_type": "billing",
      "street_address": "10 rue Chaptal",
      "address_complement": "4 étage",
      "locality": "Paris",
      "postal_code": "75009",
      "region": "Île-de-France",
      "country": "France",
      "recipient": "Matthieu Winoc",
      "phone_number": "0723538943",
      "custom_fields": { (1)
        "latitude": "48.801407",
        "longitude": "2.130122",
1 The custom_fields object as part of Addresses.

With this update, there are a few new API endpoints so you can manage those custom fields. Go to Address custom Field Schemas in our Management API documentation to see the full set.

Want to know more?

KakaoTalk age range

You are now able to retrieve and leverage the age_range information from KakaoTalk. This is possible through the provider_metadata object in the User Profile model. You can also filter by the age range directly in the ReachFive Console for exports, pub/sub hooks, and webhooks.

For more details, see Kakao Connect.

  • User profile model

  • ReachFive Console

  "provider_metadata": {
    "kakaotalk": {
      "ci": "OUBQAU1Uc...L6r2BuT1S33A==",
      "ci_authenticated_at": "2024-01-24T08:41:03Z",
      "age_range": "30~39" (1)
1 The full list of potential values retrieved from Kakao:
  • 1-9

  • 10-14

  • 15-19

  • 20-29

  • 30-39

  • 40-49

  • 50-59

  • 60-69

  • 70-79

  • 80-89

  • 90+

You can filter by age range in Export job definitions, Pub/Sub hooks, and User-event webhooks.

2106 kakao ageRange

Social provider genders

We now accept genders other than male or female when retrieving from a social provider. When a gender is not male or female, it is assigned with other in ReachFive. Currently, this only applies to Google Connect. However, we are working on applying this to more providers. Previously, though we already had the other category, it was not possible to use that value when retrieved from a social provider.

For more details, see User Profile.

Identity Fraud Protection

We have made some performance and logic improvements for the Identity Fraud Protection (IFP) module to ensure that legitimate accounts don’t get blocked while the module protects against attacks.

For more on our Attack Protection policy and how we handle suspicious requests, see Identity Fraud Protection.


Item Fixed

There was a small discrepancy in the preconfigured counter reset time for the Identity Fraud Protection module.