21 September 2021 (v2.59)


Improved audit log module

Release highlight

We have improved our Audit log module to be able to immediately detect new export job creations and avoid malicious usage. This is the first available event, we will continue to enrich this module in the next releases.

For more information, check out Audit logs.


OpenID as a Service

User email is now directly verified when you use your own OpenID identity provider as part of the OaaS flow.

See OpenID As A Service for more details about this flow.

Deprecated payload

The User id field can no longer be used to update the password in the Update password endpoint.


Item Fixed

A call to the Update profile endpoint sent an email update notification to the user.

Consent groups were saved on the user profile instead of being saved as individual consents.

For more information, go to Consents  Consents Groups.

Consents weren’t correctly updated with import jobs.

For more information on consents import, check out Import consents.

Somes verification codes were consumed incorrectly.

It was possible to create consent groups without any associated consents.