22 September 2022 (v2.79)

ReachFive v2.79 introduces the custom_identifier password authentication option. We also fixed a couple of issues.

Release highlight

Authenticate with a custom identifier

With this release, we have made it so that your users can now authenticate with a custom_identifier and not just an email or phone number. This custom identifier is available with the Core and UI SDKs. A typical use case would be to use the custom identifier as a username, a customer number or a loyalty number. We want to offer you all the flexibility you need for your use case.

The impacted methods and API operations are:

For more on the custom_identifier approach, check out the User Profile model page or the Authenticate with password page.


Multi-Factor credential addition

You now have to perform the stepup operation in order to add a phone number credential or an email credential through the Identity API if there’s already a credential on the user profile.

For more on MFA as a whole, see the Multi-factor Authentication guide.


Item Fixed

There were some minor issues with webhooks filtering IPs.

In some cases, the language for a consent was being taken from the browser language instead of the language of the consent. This was throwing an error.