25 May 2023 (v2.93)

ReachFive v2.93 brings in several updates including setting a preferred channel for communicating Double opt-in consents. We have added a new email provider to our repertoire, made it possible to subscribe to consent events, along with some general improvements, and as always, we fixed a few issues.

Double opt-in consents

With this release, you can now decide your preferred channel of communication when sending Double opt-in consents. This means that in the case where a profile has both identifiers (phone_number and email) set and you choose email as the preferred channel, then of course, it will be sent via email. If the user only has one identifier, of course, the DOI consent will be sent to their only existing identifier.

For more on consents in ReachFive, check out our dedicated documentation.

293 doi preferredChannel

Oracle Responsys

You can now integrate your Oracle Responsys account with ReachFive directly in the ReachFive Console allowing you to leverage the digital marketing campaigns and personalized messages already established with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management.

For more on email providers in ReachFive, check out our dedicated documentation.

Our webhooks and Pub/Sub hooks now allow you to subscribe to consent events such as:

  • consent.denied

  • consent.granted

  • consent.waiting

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Other improvements


Item Fixed

Customers using custom email providers were briefly unable to send User Lockout emails.

Lite and authenticated profiles were being merged as one unexpectedly when updating (via /lite-update) phone numbers when the SMS feature was disabled.

It was temporarily impossible to SEARCH the suspension_information.reason for a user via the Management API’s Search users endpoint.

In some limited instances, updating a consent group affected the child (standalone) consent in unexpected ways.