05 October 2020 (v2.41)


Redirect URL

redirect_url must now be whitelisted to complete the redirection. This improvement was necessary to improve the security of the platform.


The registration flow is now supported in the SDK Core.

For more information, please refer to our FIDO2 guide.

New supported language

We now support German on our APIs and SDKs.

Jetzt unterstützen wir Deutsch bei unseren APIs und SDKs.

User data management

You can now edit even more attributes in the user profile from your ReachFive Console including:

  • external_id

  • company (for both profile and addresses)

  • recipient

  • phone_number

  • delivery_note

You can now search users by their emails, emails.verified and emails.unverified attributes through the Search users endpoint.


User events

The following user events have been created:

  • New lite_merged_into_managed event when a lite profile is merged into an authenticated user profile

  • New user_created event when a lite profile is created using the Push Lite Profile endpoint

Also, the user_updated event is now triggered when consents are updated using the Update Lite consents endpoint.

For more information about export and import jobs, please the User events model page.


Retrieving jobs through the API

Jobs retrieved through the API are now listed in reverse chronological order (latest first). This is in line with how they are listed in the ReachFive Console.

Security improvements for credentials

Credentials are now masked from the Get Job definition, Search job definition and Run job definition endpoints. They are also masked in the ReachFive Console. The Update job definition endpoint supports partial updates. Only the type field remains mandatory.

See Importing jobs or Exporting jobs for more information.


We have fixed the following items:

  • The password policy was not properly validated between the form sent by the user and the server.

  • Merging a Lite profile with an external_id.

  • The custom_fields were not filtered on identity endpoints.