21 September 2023 (v2.100)

ReachFive v2.100 updates our risky login email template, improves our Line social provider configuration, and added a field to the User event model. As always, we fixed a few issues.

Risky logins

It’s always nice to know the exact information from any login, particularly when it’s considered risky. With this release, you can now send your users the relevant device information related to risky logins with the following added variables:

  • {{ip}}

  • {{userAgent}}

  • {{operatingSystem}}

  • {{deviceClass}}

  • {{deviceName}}

For more on this topic, see Risk-based Authentication.

Line updates

With this release, those customers using Line for authentication purposes with ReachFive are able to manage multiple variants of the provider, which allows you to have different Line variants for your subsidiaries or brands.

For more, see Line Connect.

2100 lineVariants

User event model

We’ve added a new field to the user event model with this release. The field is called canal (channel) and it represents the channel through which the event was triggered. This could be via a hook, an SMS, or even a remote client.

For more on this, see User Events.

 "canal": "management", (1)
1 In this case, the event was triggered by the Management client.


Item Fixed

In some instances, user were being unexpectedly disconnected during a session.

Suspending a large volume of users via the Management API was degrading performance for some customers.

The user.id and user.addresses fields were temporarily appearing under the same label in the ReachFive Console.