09 June 2022 (v2.73)

ReachFive v2.73 brings you the opportunity to use Google One Tap as part of your site or application. We also fixed a few minor issues.


Google One Tap

You can now offer your users the ability to authenticate with Google One Tap. Google One Tap is a new passwordless method that can improve conversions by allowing your users to signup or login with just a click.

For more, check out our Google One Tap page.
onetap example


Item Fixed

In some cases, it was not possible to delete a custom field with an email data type from the ReachFive Console.

Previously, only the email field was checked before creating a profile. We now check both the verified and unverified email list.

Some managed profiles weren’t correctly keeping the phone_number_verified status after importing as a lite profile.

The updated_at field was not updating after an updateLiteConsents API call.

In some cases when importing profiles, the new email did not replace the existing email, but rather was added as an unverified email.

Some attributes were inadvertently translated by Google translate when visiting a user’s profile page in the ReachFive Console.