28 April 2022 (v2.71)

ReachFive v2.71 improves our MFA activation flow for users using their phone_number as a second factor. We have also made it possible to filter consent logs in an export job.


Facilitate phone_number activation as a second factor

We have improved our MFA activation flow to facilitate the addition of a verified phone_number as a second factor.

Verified number

Essentially, users with existing verified phone numbers can use that phone number as a second factor without additional verification steps.

Unverified number

Users with existing unverified phone numbers participating in the MFA flow, have their number verified as part of the MFA flow.

For more details on Multi-factor Authentication, check out our MFA Guide.


Consents logs export

We have made filtering consents logs in the export definition a bit easier by adding a new filter selector for existing consent keys.

filter consent keys
For details on exporting consent logs, check out the Export user consent logs guide.


Item Fixed

It was impossible to create a consent group with more than 10 standalone consents.

Custom fields were not correctly managed after a biometric authentication.

The updated_at field wasn’t updated after a Lite profile merge on existing authenticated profiles.