19 August 2021 (v2.57)


Import module

We’ve added a new option Force data update from file to import data from a source file without the classic merging rules. If you want to update ReachFive’s database with an external dataset, use this option on the ReachFive Console and the import job updates ReachFive’s database with the existing data from your file.

Empty attribute values do not erase existing data. All fields with a value present in the import file are used.

For more details, check out Force data update from file.
There may be unwanted behaviour if you use this option so be sure you understand your requirements before choosing this approach. See Import and merge logic for more details on merge logic.
257 force data update

Export module

We’ve added a new feature in the Export module to let you extract user events through usual export jobs. You can then benefit from the CSV or JSON file structures to embed the user events content and import this data into your own BI or data visualization tools for a better understanding of your users interactions.

For more details, check out the Export user events page.


Item Fixed

Some scheduled jobs were not triggering properly due to the supervisor being misconfigured.

The description attribute of a consent was unexpectedly deleted when creating a new consent version.

The consent decisions (accept/reject) were inadvertently removed from the consent log for some user profiles.