29 July 2021 (v2.56)

User data management


We’ve added some new filters to help you build user segments:

  • User authentication types (with all List search capabilities)

  • User email (with all String search capabilities)

  • User phone number (with all String search capabilities)

  • User last login type (with all String search capabilities)

To see the changes, check the ReachFive Console under Analytics  Segments and create or edit an existing segment.


We’ve added consent groups into the history log so that you are now able to see which consent group and/or standalone consents your users have interacted with. We’ve also changed the layout of the history log to let you see more clearly the information of each consent.

To see the changes, check the ReachFive Console under Analytics  Profiles and check the consents of a given profile.
256 consents history log


Import and Export definitions

We’ve added the option to connect to an SFTP source using an SSH key configuration in the Import and Export jobs definitions.

256 ssh key conf
You can find instructions for doing this on both the importing profiles and exporting profiles pages.

Consents API

We now offer a full pagination system on the /consent-log Management API endpoint to help you search and scroll over hundreds of results.


Item Fixed

Deleting an identity on a Lite profile changed the type of the profile to Managed unexpectedly.

Some automatic account suspensions resulted in a HTTP 500 error when it exceeded the client ID character limit.

Import jobs weren’t always running successfully due to longer than expected processing times.

Legacy refresh tokens weren’t refreshing correctly.