16 February 2023 (v2.87)

ReachFive v2.87 mainly focuses on improving a few items related to the ReachFive Console. We also fixed a few issues.

ReachFive Console

Session timeouts

We have improved the ReachFive Console session logic so that the session lifetime for users is 4 hours.

For more, see our dedicated ReachFive Console introduction page.


You can now disable the username/password login option on your ReachFive Console to enhance security.

Contact your ReachFive representative if you would like to make use of this option.


Item Fixed

For a short time, users with certain Roles were unable to access the Login as feature.

There was briefly an issue with the origin not being allowed for Admin users on the ReachFive Console.

Temporarily, users trying to finish creating their account through social providers on the ReachFive Console were unable to connect.

Users were briefly unable to reset their password in the ReachFive Console.

CRM users were unable to view user profiles in the ReachFive Console.

The login-as operation was sending incorrect responses.