17 December 2019 (2.22)

New features


  • Support SHA-1 password hashing in import module

  • Removed Bearer type authorization from Authorization header to let users define the type correctly

  • Custom scopes are now allowed with the client_credentials grant type

  • Scopes are now enforced by default for new Identity clients

User data management

  • Searching by email is now case sensitive


  • Hosted pages

    • Added redirectUrl parameter on Password change page

  • Passwordless

    • Addition of error parameters on the verification page

  • Android SDK

    • Removed the sdk-web package: sdk-webview must be used instead.


  • Fixed a bug where the service was unavailable after setting a custom domain

  • Fixed a bug where lite profiles were not unified correctly when using passwordless flow

  • Deprecated use of Google Geocoding API normalizing city and country attributes