13 April 2021 (v2.50)


Whitelisting logout redirect URLs

Release highlight

redirect_to URLs used in the logout endpoint or using the JS SDK logout method must now be whitelisted under the parameter Allowed logout callback URLs in the SSO ReachFive Console setting. Whitelisted URLs can be used with all identity clients for an account.

URLs that are not whitelisted will be blocked for security reasons.

Default language for Consents

We have added a new default language property to the Account settings model. For now, this will only be applicable to Consents. The default language for Consents in the console is French (fr).

You must ensure that the Title and Description of all Consents match your default language. If the Title and Description are in a language that do not match the default language selection in the ReachFive Console, your Consent Title and Description will default to the selected default language, potentially causing translation issues.


Import jobs

The End Job Notification Webhook now contains the job definition name and the job definition id to facilitate its integration.

For more information, check out the End Job Notification Webhook page.

PBKDF2 encryption

We have added the ability to read PBKDF2 encrypted files.

See encrypting import files for more details.


Item Fixed

Lite profiles weren’t merging with existing authenticated profiles with the same external_id.

It was possible to remove a local identity when updating a lite-profile.

You couldn’t retrieve the consent history log for lite profiles.

Too many connections could be opened for accessing a database resulting in an application freeze.