6 September 2021 (v2.58)


Phone number verification

We updated our phone number verification mechanism to avoid excluding valid phone numbers from signup.

Lite profile merge rules unification

We refactored our lite profile merge rules so that the same rules are applied to all Identity and Management endpoints.

The refactor does not impact existing behaviour.


We added a new boolean field called has_password in the request payload for custom providers. With this, you can easily adapt emails to users whom have no password associated with their account, allowing them to create a password.

  "email": "string/email",
  "template_id": "string",
  "personalizations": {
     "given_name": "string",
     "last_name": "string",
     "gender": "string",
     "has_password": "boolean", (1)
     "redirect_url": "string/url"
1 The has_password boolean is only included in the payload for the password_reset email template.
For more information, check out Custom email providers.


Item Fixed

The birthdate attribute wasn’t updated when using Import jobs.

The updated_at attribute wasn’t taken into account properly when applying merging rules in Import jobs.

The updated_at attribute wasn’t updated when using the "Force data update from file" option in Import definitions.