18 September 2019 (v2.16)

New features


  • Core

    • Add external_id in the id_token

    • Replace extId with external_id in the accessToken


  • Android SDK

    • Implement passwordless flow

  • iOS SDK

    • Implement passwordless flow

    • Refresh token for iOS clients


  • Bulk write imports and import logs for import performance improvement

  • Improve external_id LITE import by supporting import of LITE accounts that have only an external_id as an identifier


  • Android SDK

    • Improvements on test stack

  • Core

    • Add brute force alerting on authentication endpoint for ROPC

  • iOS SDK

    • Improvements of CircleCI for iOS


  • Fix email sent even if deactivated

  • Fix custom_fields keys containing number not displaying on the console

  • Fix mail update

  • Fix search error in profile page

  • Make redirectURL configurable for the SDK UI

  • Fix Linkedin Connect error