10 August 2023 (v2.98)

ReachFive v2.98 introduces our configurable risk score threshold, allows tighter integration with social providers, and we improved the user experience with console fields. There are also some other general improvements, and as always, we fixed a few issues.

Release highlight

Risk score configuration

We’re further improving our RBA feature. With that, you can now configure the Risk score threshold which is the threshold at which a login attempt is deemed risky. You can configure this threshold directly in the ReachFive Console at Settings  MFA  Settings.

For more on RBA with ReachFive, check out Risk-based Authentication.

298 riskScore

Social logins

To make integration as seamless as possible, you can now retrieve Kakao user consents and bring them straight into ReachFive. For other social providers, it’s possible to send the providerName and providerAccessToken fields available in the authentication result object obtained with return_provider_token boolean in the Identity API’s /oauth/token endpoint or alternatively, via either the loginWithSocialProvider or showSocialLogin methods with the returnProviderToken auth option.

For more details, see Kakao Connect.

Improved UX for Console fields

With this release, we have greatly improved the user experience when selecting fields to create webhooks, pub/sub hooks, and jobs. They are now more easily selectable from a dropdown menu.

298 uxFieldsDropdown

Other improvements

  • We have improved the speed for logging in for users with multiple console accounts.


Item Fixed

There was a slight discrepancy in the email verification process between our SDKs, APIs, and import jobs.

Emails with a full stop (foo@bar.example.com) in the domain were unexpectedly throwing validation errors. These emails are now once again fully accepted as valid.

For a brief period on the ReachFive Console, the default profile photo used for when there is no photo associated with a profile was unavailable. This is now self-hosted to ensure it’s always available when needed.