30 March 2021 (v2.49)


Pub/Sub Hooks

Release highlight

We have added a new data synchronization method using Pub/Sub technology to publish messages that contain user events information. This approach is based on the current post-event Webhooks behaviour.

See our Pub/Sub Hooks guide for more details.

Tags export

You can now export custom fields with the multiple type such as tags.

See Export user profiles for more details about our export module.


OpenID as a Service

You can now use your own OpenID identity provider as part of the OaaS flow.

See OpenID As A Service for more details about this flow.

Refresh token revocation

For security reasons, the revocation of refresh tokens with the Revoke endpoint will also revoke all access tokens that have been generated with the same client_id and the same user.

For more information, check out our Refresh tokens documentation.


Item Fixed

Improved performance on /identity/v1/password/login