12 December 2023 (v2.104)

ReachFive v2.104 introduces some new additions to the user event model including a new user event type. You can now check the status of a user’s IP with our Management API’s new endpoint. On top of this, you can now value updated_at in a request payload. We also made some other improvements. And as always, we fixed a few issues for you.

User event fields

We have added some new fields to the User Event model which are emitted after a job is executed, giving you important details about the job.

  • job_name: The name of the job that was run.

  • job_execution_id: The ID for the execution of the job.

  • job_type: The type of job such as import or export.

For more details, see User Events.

User event types

For users attempting to log in with an unverified identifier, a new user event type is emitted:

  • login_unverified_identifier

For more details, see Block unverified login attempts.

Check IP status

In this release, we’re introducing a new endpoint for the Management API that allows you to check an IP’s status. This means that you’re able to see:

  • If an IP is currently blocked.

  • If an IP has been blocked before.

  • When the blockage expires for the IP.

For more details, see the Get IP status endpoint.

Valuing updated_at in request payload

Now, when you pass updated_at as part of the request payload for user profiles (Managed and Lite), the profile is set with the value passed via the API.

Impacted endpoints

Other improvements


Item Fixed

In very limited cases, some session cookies weren’t properly invalidated at logout.

Activating ReachFive Console users via email registration resulted in a loop in some instances.

There was a minor issue with the showSocialAccounts function where provider variants weren’t updating properly.