25 August 2022 (v2.77)

ReachFive v2.77 improves the export module, introduces a new SMS template, further improves security for updating email addresses, and now, you can use the lang attribute for custom provider templates. We also fixed a few issues.


Export module improvements

You can now export users in bulk directly from the ReachFive Console by dropping in values that are separated by a semi-colon (;).

Check out our Export user profiles page for more details.
277 semicolon filter exports

Endpoint deprecation

Deprecation Notice

We have deprecated the getUserByEmail endpoint. You should use the searchUsers and getUser endpoints instead.


Verify phone number template (SMS)

Using the sendPhoneNumberVerification endpoint, you can now use the Verify phone number SMS template to send to users who need to still verify their phone number.

See more here SMS templates for more details.

SMS & Email custom providers

You can now specify the lang attribute in the payload for both email and SMS custom providers. This helps you to further personalize your user communications.

  "sms": "+33688888884",
  "template_id": "password_reset",
  "personalizations": {
     "id": "id",
     "external_id": "externalId",
     "given_name": "Max",
     "last_name": "Robertson",
     "gender": "M",
     "sms_code": "smsCode",
     "lang": "fr", (1)
     "has_password": "boolean",
1 The lang attribute shown in the custom provider JSON payload.


Multi-Factor credential deletion

You now have to perform the stepup operation in order to update an email through the Identity API.

For more on MFA as a whole, see the Multi-factor Authentication guide.


Item Fixed

The Password Reset email template was defaulting to en (English) for the user language even when the default language was different.

In some cases, it was impossible to add new MFA credentials.

Login user events displayed the wrong auth_type.