22 June 2023 (v2.95)

ReachFive v2.95 welcomes our Risk-based Authentication feature along with other important security updates, further improves lite profiles, and we made some general improvements. As always, we fixed a few issues.

Release highlight

Risk-based Authentication

Risk-based Authentication, also known as RBA, offers a holistic approach to user authentication that provides a more frictionless experience for users while ensuring security and peace-of-mind from a site perspective.

RBA uses a risk calculation to develop a device profile, sometimes referred to as a fingerprint, so that future login attempts are compared against this fingerprint in order to determine the path to authentication, whether that means immediate authentication or perhaps a stepup may be required if it’s determined that the login attempt deviates too far from the device profile.

rba flow

For a complete look at the RBA within ReachFive, check out Risk-based Authentication.


In addition to the RBA feature release, there are other security updates:

Attack protection policy

To further strengthen our security measures and give you more verbose information for analysis related to attacks, we have added the attacking IP information to Get users/compromised endpoint as well as in the ReachFive Console for compromised profiles.

See our Identity Fraud Protection page for more information about compromised profiles and attack protection policies with ReachFive.

Suspending users from console

You can now manually suspend users directly from the ReachFive Console in a temporary fashion. Previously, you could only permanently suspend users from the ReachFive Console.

See User suspension for more information on managing user suspension.

To temporarily suspend a user from the console:

  1. Log in with your credentials to the ReachFive console.

  2. From the sidebar, go to Profiles.

  3. Select the user you want to manage.

  4. From the Actions dropdown button, select Suspend.

    1. In the dialog, choose to suspend the user temporarily or permanently and give a reason (camelCase only).

      console temp suspend user

Lite profiles

We have improved throttling for lite registration requests, ensuring all requests are handled quickly and efficiently. In addition to this, you can now distinguish between lite and local profiles in the ReachFive Console.

To do this:

  1. Go to Analytics  Profiles.

  2. Click the Filter icon.

  3. Apply the desired filter.

    In this case for example purposes, filter by Use Providers.

    295 filterLiteLocal

Other improvements

  • We have further strengthened our security around HTML-rendered fields.

  • CRM Users can now export profile segments.

    295 exportSegments

  • We have improved the ReachFive Console so that the session lifetime for users authenticating through Azure AD is now 4 hours.

    For more, see our dedicated ReachFive Console introduction page.


Item Fixed

Some users were unable to access their own credential (Security & Password) information in the ReachFive Console.

Some operations were expecting filter operator STARTS_WITH instead STARTS WITH. You can now use both options.

The between filter operator was not functioning properly in the ReachFive Console.

There were some minor issue syncing Azure AD users inside the ReachFive Console.