11 May 2021 (v2.52)


Identity Fraud Protection

Release highlight

Our Identity Fraud Protection (IFP) Module is now available. This module is able to analyse events to determine if a particular IP is exhibiting suspicious behaviour. If it determines that the IP is suspicious, the IP is flagged and blocked.

This module also lists all user accounts that have been compromised by these suspicious IPs. The administrator can suspend the compromised accounts directly from the ReachFive Console.

For more, check out the Identity Fraud Protection page. If the feature is not activated on your account and you’re interested in using it please contact your professional service or CSM contact.


OpenID as a Service

You can now list and delete user grants following a third party flow directly with the Grants management API.

See OpenID As A Service for more details about this flow.


Delete users in bulk

We have introduced the ability to remove users in mass as part of a bulk delete operation. This works by passing a boolean for deletion during an import job.

Check out the bulk deletion guide for more details.

This method allows you to match the user ID (ReachFive ID, email, external ID, or phone number) and remove those users while retaining Lite Profiles (if desired).

One of the major benefits to this approach is that you can do a test run before completing the deletion to ensure you are happy to proceed with removing the selected users.

Custom field schema API

You can now manage custom field schemas directly via the Management API. This approach allows you to create, update, retrieve, and delete custom field schemas.

Check out Manage custom field schemas with API for more details.

Portuguese language support

We have added support for Portuguese in ReachFive. You can use Portuguese in API error messages or with UI widgets via the UI SDK.

Currently supported languages
Currently supported languages
  • ar - العربية Arabic

  • de - Deutsch German

  • en - English

  • es - Español Spanish

  • fr - Français French

  • hu - Magyar Hungarian

  • it - Italiano Italian

  • jp - 日本 Japanese

  • ko - 한국인 Korean

  • nl - Nederlands Dutch

  • pt - Portuguese

  • ru - Ру́сский Russian

  • sk - Slovenský Slovak

  • zh-CN - People’s Republic of China Simplified Chinese

  • zh-Hans - Simplified Chinese

  • zh-Hant - Traditional Chinese

  • zh-HK - Hong Kong Traditional Chinese

  • zh-MO - Macao Traditional Chinese

  • zh-SG - Singapore Simplified Chinese

  • zh-TW - Taiwan Traditional Chinese

Password hash support

We now support Magento’s SHA256 and Argon password hashes to import users with ReachFive.

Check out Import user passwords for more details on supported hashes.


Item Fixed

The consent list was truncated on the console if the account had more than 10 consents configured.

Some import and export jobs were not executed and remained in waiting mode.

Reverted back to the older error message for expired access tokens.

The message now reads "Access token invalid or expired".