15 June 2021 (v2.54)


OpenID as a Service

The description of a custom scope is now displayed on the user consent page instead of via the custom scope key. This way, users are clearly informed about what data your partners are able to access from their profile.

See OpenID As A Service for more details about this flow.

SSO cookies

We have improved our cookies' security by complying with OWASP recommendations when using the __Host- prefix.

More details can be found on OWASP’s website.


Support of custom fields in email templates

The string, select, and tag custom fields data types can now be used in email templates. With these, you can further personalize the emails that you send to users and provide them with a unique and personal experience.

For more information, check out our Email templates page.


We have upgraded the Google SignIn SDK version from 4.4 to 5.0.2.

Bulk delete log messages

We have enhanced our deletion job report log messages to make it easier to understand what part of a profile has been deleted.

For more information, check out Bulk deletion guide.


Item Fixed

Some user accounts were experiencing less than optimal performance.

Users assigned to the CRM role were not able to access the profiles page on the ReachFive Console.