21 July 2022 (v2.75)

ReachFive v2.75 provides several feature updates including the ability to now configure what reCAPTCHA settings you want to offer users. We also remedied several known issues as part of this release. Check out the sections below for more details.

Release highlight

reCAPTCHA configuration settings

We made the reCAPTCHA configurations available directly from the ReachFive Console so that you can define which public endpoints are protected on your existing Identity Clients. This new configuration is available for both v2 and v3 versions of reCAPTCHA.

You do this directly from the ReachFive Console by going to Settings  Security  Recaptcha.

recaptcha nav
For more, check out the dedicated Enable reCAPTCHA from the console page.


New Webhook monitoring events

There are two new event types that will allow you to monitor your webhooks. These event types can be triggered with PubSub hooks:

  • pre_event_failure

  • post_event_failure

For more on user event types, see User Events.

Tag attributes

If there is no value assigned to the custom tags field, tag attributes will no longer appear as empty tables when creating or updating a profile.

Typically, attributes that are not set do not appear as part of an API response. However, the tags custom field type did previously appear as an empty table (array) in the response. If your setup anticipated these empty tables for tags, please update accordingly.

Other improvements

We improved the identifier behaviour so that a new profile can’t be created if its email identifier is already used or present in the following:

  • email

  • emails.unverified attribute

  • emails.verified attribute

This drastically reduces the chances of duplicate profiles.


Item Fixed

There was an issue with addresses deletion on managed profiles whom also have a Lite identity.

In some cases, the reporter field in the consent logs wasn’t accurately reported.

The updated_at value wasn’t properly updated after changing consent values on a profile through the Import module.

It was impossible to update the consent of a lite_only profile without providing the version_id and language.