30 November 2020 (v2.44)


User suspension

You can now configure the SMS that is sent to a suspended user. An SMS is sent only if the user doesn’t have an email address in his profile.

For more information about user suspension mechanism, check out the User suspension page.

New supported language

We now support Russian on our APIs and SDKs.


Hosted Pages

The URLs of enabled Hosted Pages are now displayed in each tab so you can easily preview the page.

For more information, check out the Hosted Pages page.

User events

We’ve added two new user events to be used when synchronizing a manual merge of two user profiles.

For more information about user events, check out the User events page.


We have fixed the following items:

  • The user was not redirected when an error occurred at the end of the passwordless flow.

  • An email update notification was sent when the user was updated.

  • The return_to_after_email_confirmation and return_to_after_password_reset query parameters weren’t interpreted correctly when calling the authentication Hosted Page.

  • We fixed the UMD format of the showAuth widget for the UI SDK.