31 August 2023 (v2.99)

ReachFive v2.99 brings some improved security features including new configurable endpoints for rate limiting, reCAPTCHA improvements, and the ability to import the suspension status for users. There are also some other general improvements, and as always, we fixed a few issues.

Rate limiting

We have added more endpoints for which you can configure specific rate limits. These endpoints are:

For more details, see Rate limiting.


In order to further protect your user accounts, we have included updating an email as an option for you to add to enforce reCAPTCHA security checks. You can select update_email directly from the Endpoints dropdown menu at Settings  Security  Recaptcha.

For more details, see Enable reCAPTCHA from the console.

299 rateLimitUpdateEmail


You can now suspend users using the Import feature from within the ReachFive Console by leveraging the suspension_information object in the user profile model.

  • JSON

  • CSV

  "suspension_information": {
      "reason": "suspiciousUserNoGood",
      "status": "temporary"

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Other improvements

  • Jobs now continue even if writing to the job logs themselves fails. This keeps entire jobs from failing unexpectedly.


Item Fixed

In some cases, customers using public clients with the Core SDK were having users automatically disconnected without any action. This was due to conflicting authorization flows.

Error messages were inadvertently being returned in English no matter the configured language.