12 May 2022 (v2.72)

ReachFive v2.72 expands the fields by which you can filter export definitions, webhooks, and pub/sub hooks and restored some analytics pages. There’s a new role on the ReachFive Console and we have improved your ability to see which of your user profiles are compromised. We also fixed a few issues.


New ReachFive Console role

You can now assign users a Read only CRM User role for those who only need read-access to Analytics and profiles.

For more, check out our roles page.


Compromised profile alerts

We have added a new user event (profile_compromised) to better inform you about when a user’s profile has been compromised. The event is only available to extract with a webhook or Pub/Sub hook if the compromised-profile feature is enabled on your ReachFive Console.

For more on user events and event types, see User Events.



You can now filter more attributes for export definitions, User-event webhooks, and Pub/Sub hooks.

See all the filterable fields

You can filter the following User Profile fields for export jobs, User-event webhooks, and Pub/Sub hooks.

  • user email

  • user email verified

  • user verified emails

  • user unverified emails

  • user phone number

  • user phone number verified

  • user username

  • user first name

  • user last name

  • user name

  • user nickname

  • user gender

  • user age

  • user external id

  • user authentication types

  • user providers

  • user devices

  • user city

  • user country

  • user nb of logins

  • user nb of friends

  • user nb of local friends

  • user first login

  • user last login

  • user last login type

  • user created at

  • user updated at

  • user lite only

  • user suspension status

  • user title

  • user locality

  • user region

  • user country

  • user recipient

  • user company

  • user address_complement

  • user custom fields

  • user consents

  • user Kakao Age range

272 filter fields


We’ve restored the browsers and operating systems usage analytics pages, under the Analytics menu of the ReachFive Console.

You will find those analytics pages using the following links:

Operating systems

New webhook triggers

It is now possible to use the following user event types to trigger a User-event webhooks:

  • authorization_deleted

  • authorization_granted

  • authorization_refused

For more on user events and event types, see User Events.


Item Fixed

It was impossible to display more than 10 consents in the "What your users consent to?" page.

In some cases, custom email fields weren’t searchable in the ReachFive Console.

When importing a lite profile and then a managed profile with the same external_id, the updated_at field was not updated.

The duration of the stepup verification_code configured on the ReachFive Console wasn’t applied.