02 March 2023 (v2.88)

ReachFive v2.88 introduces our Double opt-in consent feature. It also brings you a new social provider by which to connect as well as additional language support. We also fixed a few issues.

Release highlight

Double opt-in

The Double opt-in (DOI) feature provides additional security and peace of mind for compliance for yourself and your users. It’s simple like single opt-in, but requires an additional step for the user to confirm his or her email or mobile (via SMS). With ReachFive, you can even define the preferred communication channel for these DOI consent types directly in the ReachFive Console. For more that, see Consents.

You can create templates for the double opt-in feature directly in your ReachFive Console as well as send DOI requests with the Management API.

To help you better understand double opt-in consents, check out our dedicated guide here.

Social providers

We are happy to announce that you can now connect Naver as a social provider authentication option in your ReachFive Console.

For more on that, check out our dedicated Naver page.

Language support

We now support even more languages here at ReachFive. We have added the following languages:

  • ar العربية Arabic

  • jp 日本 Japanese

  • ko 한국인 Korean

  • zh-hk 廣東話 Hong Kong Traditional Chinese

For more on the languages we support, see Supported languages.


Item Fixed

In some cases, the consent history for users was out of sync between actions on lite and/or managed profiles.

When a user was registered to the ReachFive Console with a password that did not meet the requirements, a 5xx response code was thrown intead of the expected 4xx with provided error detail page, letting them know their password had not met the expected requirements.

In some limited cases, admin users were unable to add a user to different accounts.