27 October 2021 (v2.61)

ReachFive v2.61 focuses primarily on our Analytics module redesign and enriching our new Audit log module.


Release highlight

Redesign of our Analytics module

We have been working hard to redesign our Analytics module to provide an improved overall experience in viewing and understanding your users' behaviours when interacting with ReachFive.

The new Analytics module is offered in three tiers:

  • Standard tier gathers and displays existing metrics for free.

  • Premium tier displays all new metrics.

  • Custom tier providing metrics and analytics unique to your deployment.

Check out our new Analytics guide for more details.


Audit log module

We have improved our Audit log module to immediately detect job and client_id update and deletion events.

For more information, check out our Audit logs page.

User data management


We’ve added more details in the consent logs of users profiles.

You can now see:

  • the source that represents the channel from which the modification of a consent was made (Identity API, Management API, Jobs, Console).

  • the reporter that represents the person that made the modification (when applicable).

For more information, check out our Consents documentation.


Item Fixed

MFA credentials were deleted from the profile after a successful stepup.

We have improved the performance of our signup and login endpoints.

It was impossible to use Amazon S3 as an Import source when deployed on Yandex.