02 September 2019 (v2.15)

New features


  • Credentials Management API

    • Add saveCredentials option for Chrome browser on signUp flow


    • Add a new generic SMS API endpoint which enables clients to send Forgot password, Verify phone number and other SMSes with their own SMS solution.

  • Core

    • Invalidate refresh tokens when a request for a new access token is initiated

    • Encryption of the Sign In with Apple private key


  • Android SDK

    • Improvements on Errors model and ProfileAddress model

    • Remove use of Android webview

    • Investigation on Android 4.4 compatibility issues


  • Investigate and test import performance improvements


  • Android SDK

    • Improvements on test stack

  • Core

    • Migration of import/export test stack on Kafka

    • Factorization of email providers

    • Refactored profile management

      • Verify phone number flow

      • Verify email flow

      • Verify passwordless flow


  • Fix error when trying to obtain refresh access token with an auth token

  • Fix login fail with Facebook social account on Android

  • Fix login fail with Google social account on Android

  • Fix forbidden access on profiles without consents

  • Fix signedUid value on mobile SDKs

  • Fix import for profiles with missing attributes

  • Fix webhook filters

  • Fix the error for custom fields with a specific format