4 April 2023 (v2.90)

ReachFive v2.90 further improves our user suspension feature and better enables user management with SCIM mappings. We also fixed a few issues.

User suspension

To help you better differentiate between suspended users, we have added a suspension_information object to the user profile as well as an optional suspension_reason parameter to the suspend users operation. This way you can more easily view the reason why users are suspended and make more informed decisions on what actions to take.

Want to know more?
  • The suspension reason variable is available to both email and sms templates .

  • For more on user suspension in general, check out our dedicated page here.


We have improved the security of our SCIM feature by allowing you to determine whether you want only users mapped from your user management tool to be able to authenticate into the ReachFive Console.

You can also allow users created within your ReachFive Console organization or both. It’s up to you. We did this by adding an additional authentication means field when mapping users.

For console instructions on how to determine authentication means, see SCIM on the console.
For more on SCIM w/ReachFive in general, please see the SCIM overview.


Item Fixed

Whitelisted URLs containing query parameters weren’t working as logout redirect URLs in some cases.

The user city filter operator wasn’t working as expected with the following filter operators from within the ReachFive Console: IS ANY OF and IS NONE OF.

The job report for consent logs was reporting incorrect information.

In some cases, exporting the company field via csv using the /users/export operation was not working.

The waiting_double_accept field wasn’t properly valued in CSV exports.