26 May 2020 (v2.33)

User data management

  • The endpoint /identity/v1/update-email can be used to update the profile’s email with the email of an existing Lite profile. The profiles will be merged after this update.

  • New profile filter criteria have been added in the ReachFive Console filtering options:

    • Updated At,

    • Created At,

    • External ID,

    • Email Verified,

    • Phone Number Verified


  • You can now use the core JS SDK to verify the email address by using the sendEmailVerification function, or the sendPhoneNumberVerification function to verify the phone number.

  • You can now see the custom domain defined directly from the Settings page of the ReachFive Console


  • Fixed a bug that re-enabled Hosted Pages features under specific circumstances

  • Fixed the signature of the verifyPasswordless method of the SDK Core

  • Fixed the ordering of the country code list in the Settings page of the ReachFive Console

  • Fixed a bug that erased the name data of the user’s profile when using Sign In With Apple

  • Fixed a bug that prevented from using only enabled templates for email and SMS

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the update of a Lite profile with an existing email by calling this endpoint /api/v2/lite-update/{id}

  • Fixed a bug on the UI JS SDK that didn’t handle correctly required integer fields

  • Fixed email update template initialization on the ReachFive Console